License pricing by usage

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• Exhibit/museum. This is not an online license, but an off-line display, for example — as a kiosk or video screen in a building. License must be renewed every 5 years.

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• Any commercial or private educational usage

• Educational purposes outside of online content or exhibit display. Repurposing assets for learning materials in closed systems, powerpoints, re-sold courses, or paid courses, including college and university courses.


• Online as a blog post, tweet, etc.
Be sure to credit “Animagraffs by Jacob O’Neal” with a link back to or the page URL of the content you’re using.

• In a PUBLICLY AVAILABLE, free online educational video (not a closed course for paying students!) where you’ll use Animagraffs content as a teaching model, but with your own analysis and added voice-over. NOT as a direct copy of Animagraffs work alone. The key is to add to the content your own knowledge, not just share the content as-is without adding anything to it.
This does not include mash-ups or compilation videos where, again, you have not added your own knowledge or content to the work.